Locked In

Michael Monroe (Ty Hodges) suffers from PTSD, and is verbally abusive to his wife Jessica (Davida Williams) and daughter Charlotte (Miracle Reigns). After coming home from a routine drunken binge, Michael goes too far during a heated argument while his daughter witnesses. Fed up, Jessica fights back and threatens his job and rank before throwing him out. Michael loses his balance and falls hard in the front yard. He stays down to sleep it off . When he awakens, he's locked out of his own house and has to enter through the back door. What Michael doesn't realize is that he's about to witness his last but worst fear.

Cast & Crew:

Ty Hodges @thetyhodges
Davida Williams @davidabwilliams
Alfonso Spigner @alfonzo_mack
Miracle Reigns @miraclereigns
Joe Shaver

Directed by: Dez Davis
Co- Director: Carnetta Jones
Executive Producer: Nathen Shaver/ Eddie Rodriguez
Produced by: Malaku McCray
DP: Brad Wilder
Editor: Bishop & Dez Davis
Story: Shane Richardson-Straun